Kilts 4 U Fitting Guide

KILTS 4 U Fitting Guide & Size Submissions

Use this guide below so you can record your key measurements of your KILTS 4 U outfit. We have also added a form submission so you can easily supply us with your measurements online.

Alternatively why not book an appointment to visit us in-store and through our free made to measure sizing service we can measure you and your party professionally for the big day. Contact us today for more information on sizing your Kilt outfit and on how to wear your outfit like a true Scotsman should!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Where possible we always advise booking an appointment with us at one of our stores to be professionally measured. This will guarantee your best accuracy and fitting on your chosen kilt outfit.

In order for your kilt outfit to be the best possible fit, please provide us with the following 7 measurements:

(1) Height: Your height is a key measurement in making sure your kilt outfit looks at its best and as it should on your overall figure.

(2) Collar Size: A tape measure should be loosely placed around the neck to measure your neck size. You should be able to fit 2 fingers inside the tape measure.

(3) Chest Size: Place the measuring tape around your back, under your armpits (with arms down) across the broadest part of your chest to take this measurement.

(4) Arm Length: Put on a comfortable well fitted dress jacket and measure from the middle of the shoulder seam down to just below the wrist bone.

(5) Kilt Waist Size: The tape measure should be placed around the waist (naval or tummy button) you should then breathe out and relax and take this measurement.

(6) Kilt Drop: Once the waist is measured accurately you then need to measure the length of your kilt. Move the tape measure 4 inches to the side of your naval and measure to the middle of the knee.

(7) Shoe Size: Supply your shoe size for those snuggly fitted Ghillie Brogues.

Extra guidelines and helpful tips...

• Your Kilt Waist size will normally be 2 inches bigger than your usual waist size.
• Your Arm Length should always be a minimum of 1 inch longer than your Kilt Drop
• If your height is between 5ft 10” and 6ft then your kilt drop will normally be 24 inches.

Submit your Measurements Here: